I’m Senka, creator of She Adventures NZ and host to the She Adventures NZ Podcast.

I’m an adventure seeker and a women’s adventure crudasor and I’m here to showcase all the amazing adventures we epic women can get out and do here in beautiful Aotearoa.

I grew up in Auckland, played sports at school, but didn’t discover my love for exploring the outdoors till my early 20’s.

It was then that I launched Adventure Girls, kick ass adventures for women, and I’ve been on a mission ever since then to inspire as many women in NZ to get out doors and do cool shit.

At 40 I finally said ‘HELL YES’ to something that I had wanted to for at least a decade…

With that, I sold 2/3rd of everything I owned, built out the back of my 4WD ‘Hank The Tank’ and traveled New Zealand for 5 months and explored the true beauty of my country.

I saw some amazing places through out New Zealand and meet incredible every day women out there adventuring despite their circumstances.

It’s been impossible to ignore my obsession with the outdoors over the past 20 years, no matter the challenges that have come up. I always feel myself being pulled back to it.

This year I’m super pumped to have re-birthed Adventure Girls into She Adventures NZ, dedicated to conversations with inspiring everyday women in New Zealand about ‘why they adventure’, the challenges and struggles they have had and how adventure has positively influenced their lives.

I’m so stoked you’re here and I can’t wait to catch you out on an adventure real soon.

So come join the fun… can’t wait to see you out there!